Get Xender APK on the Website is one of the Most No.1 popular file-sharing apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Xender APK Download Latest Version 2024
Xender APK Download

Can you want to Download Xender APK? The is a good website to Download Xender for – Android, iOS, and PC. You can download inside the original Xender App for free in 2024.

With 100+ million users worldwide, Xender allows you to quickly and easily share photos, videos, documents, and more between devices without using mobile data.

In this Xender APK guide, we’ll cover everything you don’t know about Xender, including how to Download Xender, install, use the app, and many more.

What is Xender

Xender App is most important in the world-famous file-sharing platform where you can transfer even the largest files from one device to another without any hassle.

It provides you with all the methods of file sharing, you can transfer files in any format and it is available absolutely free.

Within Xender APK, you can transfer photos, videos, and small or big files without any error. You can easily transfer files of any format without any problem within your existing device without reducing the quality.

Some key highlights of Xender:

  • Cross-platform support: Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Fast transfer speeds: Transfers files at up to 40 times faster than Bluetooth
  • No size limits: Send files of any size like movies, songs, docs etc
  • Offline sharing: Does not require internet or mobile data connection
  • Multi-sharing: Share files with multiple contacts at the same time
  • Security: Files are encrypted during transfer for safety
  • languages: Available in over 30 languages
  • Zero Cost: Ad-free experience with no charge

Xender first launched in 2013 and was created by Andeen Technologies. It quickly became popular in India and other Asian countries before expanding worldwide.

Xender App Features

Now let’s look at some of the key features that make the Xender App an ideal pick for on-demand entertainment.

Here are some more details on the key features of Xender:

Offline Sharing:

Xender creates its WiFi hotspot network between devices for sharing files directly without using mobile data or an internet connection, and this allows fast-forward transfers.

Simple Interface:

Easy-to-use menus and an intuitive interface for seamless file sharing between devices.

Without data or an internet connection send easy Photos, Music, App, and Videos to PDFs, PPTs, and Word documents.

Cross-Platform Transfer:

Multiple Cross does not provide any other app but Xender shares files seamlessly between Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and PC devices. Xender has apps available for all major platforms.

No Size Restrictions:

This is a good quality feature, Xender shares files of any large or small size. Unlike other messaging apps, Xender does not impose any file size limits.

Here you can transfer files of any size like large videos, and files.

Fast Transfer Speeds:

Xender can transfer files so much faster than USB, Bluetooth, Shareit, Gmail, and WhatsApp up to 50 times faster depending on hardware.

In this, you can share the original quality files without losing file size and quality with super fast speed like – rockets.

Multiple File Transfers:

Xender provides real-time multiple file-shared options on their side so you can transfer 1000+ files on time.

If you want us to share more than one file, then you can choose the Xender where you have been given this feature, where instead of one by one, you can transfer it all together.

Share Any File Format

In this app you can easily share any file format From photos, music, and videos to PDFs, PPTs, and Word documents, you can share any file format seamlessly on Xender. There are no file size restrictions too!

Save and Download:

That is a very helpful feature for all Status and Videos Saver lovers because you have to use any third-party app for Downloading, Saving Status, and Videos, but Xender Latest APK 2024 adds all the features inside.

Xender provides Status Download Saving, and Video options in the app.

Media Player:

Other useful features in Xender include media playback within the app you can play audio/video files directly within the app.

So you don’t install any other app to play media files you can use Xender Stream and play media like music and videos stored on your Xender app storage.

Dark/Night Mode:

Switch to a darker theme to minimize eye strain, especially at night.

Night mode is good for you and our devices because it saves eyes and the device’s battery.

Transfer history:

Xender keeps a history of your sharing activity so you can see past transfers.

Group sharing:

Share files with multiple selected contacts at the same time.

Password protection:

Secure your offline Xender storage with a password to prevent unauthorized access.

Blacklist contacts:

Block other users to avoid unwanted file transfers from certain contacts.

Smart recommendations:

Xender will recommend frequent contacts for sharing based on your usage history.

Delete files:

Delete unneeded files from your Xender app storage to free up space.

Xender APK Download Latest Version 2024

Here are the details of the Xender App. To download the latest Xender APK, visit the website.

Xender App
Xender App
App NameXender App
UseAndroid, iOS, PC, Mac, Windows
Size23.15 MB
DeveloperXender Team
Requires5.0 & Up
Latest Update1 Hour Ago

Here are link to download Xender App on Devices.

Note: Avoid Xender downloading from unofficial sources to ensure the security of your devices.

How to Download and Install Xender

Xender is a free File Sharing App where you can easily transfer your content from one device to another. It is designed for all platforms and is available for all types of devices like Android, iOS, PC, and Windows.

Here we share some steps on how to Download & install Xender on your devices.

For Android

  • First Open any UC Browser & Chrome and go to the Google search bar to search
  • The second time you have to search in the Xenders.Pro search bar Go to Website
  • Then inside find Xender Download Button, and Click it
  • This Way Xender Latest APK will be downloaded to your device

Installation Process for Android:

  • This time you have to find the File Manager on your device where is Xender APK file is Save/Download
  • After finding Xender APK you can Click on it to Install
  • Before installation, you check Enable Your Device Unknown Source with all the required permissions
  • This way you can easliy Install and Download Xender For Android

Make sure you have an internet connection on your mobile device to download the app from the (Xenders.Pro) Website.

Xender itself does not require any internet access, but you need it for the first-time installation.

For iOS/iPad

That covers the entire installation process for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. It only takes a few minutes to download and install the app from the Xenders.Pro.

The process is quick and straightforward on all major platforms.

Here is Steps for iOS/iPad devices Download & Install…

  • The first time you have to Go to Xenders.Pro Website
  • On the Website Page find the Xender APP For iOS and iPad
  • Then inside find Xender Download Button, and Click on it
  • After that, you will be redirected to the second Xender App Download Page where you have to click on the Xender APK Download Link
  • This Way Xender’s Latest APK will be downloaded to your device

If you can’t Download and Install Xender For iOS/iPad you can try a second method for it, now it works definitely.

Second Method For for iOS/iPad:

  1. First, Open the App Store
  2. Search for Xender
  3. Tap Get to download
  4. Enter Apple ID or use Touch ID to confirm
  5. The app will install automatically
  6. Find the Xender app icon on your Home screen
  7. Tap to Open the app
  8. Allow requested Permissions
  9. Tap Skip to skip creating an account
  10. Xender is now installed and ready for File Transfers

Done it! Just a few minutes after downloading, installing, and opening the app allows you to start using Xender’s file transfer features between devices.

Xender App for KaiOS

Xender App is available for KaiOS feature phones like JioPhone and Nokia 8110. It allows users to transfer files like photos, videos, music, etc.

Xender KaiOS works Between devices without needing internet or data connectivity. Xender uses wifi directly to establish a peer-to-peer connection between devices and can transfer files at high speeds.

Key features include an optimized UI for non-touch KaiOS devices, QR code scanning for connections, no limits on file sizes, and compatibility across platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Overall, Xender provides a simple way for KaiOS users to share files through wifi without needing mobile data or the internet.

Xender App Screenshots

Here are we shared Xender App Installations with Setups process way through screenshots, in this you can see and eject a way to share your data like – Photos, Videos, Apps, Documents, and many more.

In these Screenshots, I’ve mentioned how to install and how to Setup Xender with a complete Xender App guide.

So more than Screenshots also shares Xender features, Install, Setups, and many more Photos and Screenshots your help. these Xender App photos show the Xender interface and features that you’ll get in the app after installation of Xender.

How to use Xender

Using Xender App is very easy, Through Xender you can exchange your files across any device.

From here you can transfer the data of your old phone to the new phone through Xender and it provides you comfort in the best way.

Using Xender Send and Receive options, you can easily and wirelessly transfer files on both devices when nearby without using the internet or data.

Send Files:

  • First is Open Xender on your device Like – Phones, Tablets, and Computers
  • Then select the file you want to share e.g. Castle App, Pikashow App, Photos, Videos, Music, Uc browser etc.
  • You have to click on the files and media you want to share on another device
  • Click the Send button on the bottom right side
  • Xender will search for nearby devices to connect he automatically connects them
  • On-screen shows the receiver device name, then you tap on the receiver device name when it appears
  • That’s it! The receiver must accept the file transfer request and the sharing will begin.

Receive Files:

  • Keep Xender open on your Receiver device and Sender device
  • Tap on Receive when prompted about an incoming file transfer
  • Accept the file transfer, it’s important to accept the file transfer when prompted.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete. Progress will be shown on both devices
  • Done successfully Received files, the files are saved on your device’s storage.

Let me know if you need any clarification on how to transfer files with Xander.

Why Choose Xender

There are many reasons behind using any type of application/tool on the devices, in such a situation Xender remains the best sharing app because of its providing good features idea.

Xender provides fast, unlimited, and secure offline file sharing between devices. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and supports all file types. The speed and lack of restrictions make it very versatile.

Here are some reasons why people choose the Xender App…


Xender App is absolutely free to use, you can use it on any device without zero-cost pay.

So, You can enjoy it free on every device like – a laptop, PC, Computer, Windows, Android, iOS, and iPad.


Xender uses end-to-end encryption to keep your transfers secure. Manual approval also prevents unwanted transfers.

Before using any application, check the security of that app, but Xender gives you a security facility.


Xender is better than other sharing applications, in this you get fast and unlimited file transfer, and you can send any big file as per your requirement.

Now present time it’s better than the alternatives of the Xender App.


The use of any application depends on its interface, and its structure, but it should be easy to use.

Xender app interface is clean and intuitive for use Just select files, hit send, enable receive, and accept the transfer.


Many lot off third-party apps provide advertising inside them so that they can earn a lot, in such a situation users face problems in it.

To avoid such advertising, Xender does not provide you with ads inside it, it is free and there is no face problem in using the app.


If you do have not any way to share files with another device you can use Xender this is very comfortable to share files very easy.

Xender allows effortless sharing of files when both devices are nearby, without cables or internet required.

More then from this Xender also adds to the things it provides you like flexibility, accessibility, portability backup, control, reliability, speed, multi-sharing, platform support, freeness, versatility, and ease of use.

Xender For – Windows PC, or Mac Computer

This is not a matter of concern, you can use Xender on your device without any problem. We are providing Xender for Windows PC and Mac Computers, from here you can download Xender.

One of the great things about Xender App is available across multiple platforms – whether you have an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, or Mac Computer, you can install Xender to transfer files between devices.

Xender Alternatives App

Many different alternatives to any device, tool, or app are created where similar features are provided but they are not official and trusted platforms.

In such a situation, we are giving you a list of some Xender alternatives, but it depends on you whether you use them or not.

But this is better one by one…

NameWorkingOfflineSpeedFile Size LimitSome Notes
XenderAndroid & iOSYesFastNo limitPopular in Asia, ads supported
ShareitAndroid & iOSYesFastNo limitOver 1 billion users
ZapyaAndroid & iOSYesFastNo limitUseful for sharing games
SnapdropWeb appYesModerateFilesize limitsNo install required
AirDroidAndroid & iOSPartialModerateOn mobileRemote device access features

Xender holds its own very well among the top alternatives with faster speeds, no size limit, and extra capabilities like media playback and recommendations.

Pros and Cons of Xender

Here is an overview of some of the key pros and cons of using Xender for file transfers:


  • Works all devices like Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and iPad
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, and transfer multiple files with no limits on file sizes
  • Added security with passcode and whitelist
  • Easy wireless file transfers without needing internet or cables
  • Like 5G, Fast transfer speeds up to 50x faster than Bluetooth
  • Offline work & creates its own WiFi network
  • Free Zero cost to use with no subscription or fees


  • Both sender and receiver need the Xender app installed
  • Must be both devices are nearby to connect both devices
  • The battery may drain faster while using a hotspot network
  • Contains ads (no ad-free version available)
  • Some stability errors on older model smartphones
  • Cannot transfer files over the internet
  • Some minor lag or crashes occasionally
  • Potential security issues if sharing with untrusted devices
  • File management could be improved within the app

Shortly explain that Xender makes it very easy and fast to transfer all kinds of files between devices offline. The speed and cross-platform support are big advantages.

The downsides are the need for both parties to have the app, potential security issues, and lack of cloud backup. But overall it is a robust file sharing solution.

It’s an amazing free Xender app for Android Devices. Xender also makes sharing files on social media and instant messaging apps simple. Quickly attach and send photos, songs, or videos to friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some daily basic Frequently Ask Question lists about the Xender App.

Is Xender free to use?

Yes, Xender is completely free to download and use for file transfers. There are no subscription fees or in-app purchases.

Xender is a secure App?

Yes, Xender uses end-to-end encryption for each file transfer to keep your data secure as it moves between devices. Manual approval of transfers also prevents unwanted sharing from taking place.

What devices support Xender?

Xender has apps available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and Mac. It allows cross-platform file transfers between these devices.

Does Xender require internet access?

No, Xender creates a direct WiFi hotspot connection between devices to transfer files without using the internet or mobile data.

Is there a file size limit on Xender?

No, there are no file size restrictions when transferring files with Xender. You can send files of any size with unlimited.

Does Xender work between Android and iPhone devices?

Yes, Xender allows cross-platform transfers between Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac devices.

Best Xender Alternatives App?

Send Anywhere, Zapya, SHAREit, AirDroid, Files by Google, SilFer File Share, Dukto, and Sweech are all apps that are Alternatives to the Xender App.

Xender App Download?

Yes, you can Download the Xender App from Website for free.


Xender is one of the best sharing apps it is very simple to use now it’s free to be available on the Xenders.Pro website. Xender is a Secure app that supports Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, PC, and Mac computers in this you can share files on Xender without any internet connection and you can share unlimited files at zero cost pay.


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